The 2024 NAMM Show - Exhibitor Meeting & Event Space Request Form

NAMM policy states that all exhibitor and non-member events must be requested, reviewed, and approved through NAMM. Events may occur on NAMM's campus, off-site at a hotel, or another venue. Please submit this form if your event is intended to be hosted outside of your booth. 

Please Note: The NAMM name may not be used in event titles without consent.

If you have any questions, please e-mail

Thank you!

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Requested Event Information
Please list the name of your event or type of event if no title. (ex: sales meeting)
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Please describe the primary audience of this event and indicate if they are NAMM Members.

Preferred Venue (in order of preference)
Please note: NAMM can not guarantee your preferred venue.  Once your request has been approved, you will be connected with your most preferred venue that still has space available. If none of your preferences have space still available, you will be contacted regarding your next choice. 

Set Up Details
Please indicate the type of set up you will be requesting from the venue.
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TERMS AND CONDITIONS: NAMM must receive a valid Exhibit Space Application and deposit prior to processing Exhibitor Event Reservation Forms. Reservations will be accommodated on a first-come, first-served basis. Meeting room rates vary and may be negotiable. Your venue of choice will forward catering menus and specify deposit requirements. Neither the venues nor NAMM provide security or insurance for meeting rooms. Although every effort will be made to secure appropriate space for your request, NAMM is not responsible for noise interruptions created by neighboring events.