Maximize Opportunities with Lead Retrieval Solutions

Lead Retrieval Solutions

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Capture Leads Effectively and Easily On and Off the Show Floor

Thousands of buyers, influencers and media professionals will be in attendance. Make sure you maximize the sales and marketing possibilities for your brands by not letting warm leads go unnoticed. This efficient and effective lead retrieval solution will put all your leads in one location with easy export for quick follow up.

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How to Purchase

These easy-to-use tools are available for sale on Some licenses include app only access (where your team would use their own smartphones), while others provide devices to use for scanning.

App-Only Options

App + Scanning Device Packages

Learn How to Use Lead Captures

How to Capture

Simply scan:

  • QR code on attendee badges
  • Business cards
  • QR code via attendee's NAMM Show+ app

    How to Export

    • All your team leads will be captures to a single dashboard in the NAMM Show+ Exhibitor Center powered by Swapcard.
    • Instantly export files to Excel

    More Tools and Next Steps

    The platform and devices are simple and intuitive. Watch the video to learn more about the benefits of lead scanning. Have a question? Feel free to reach out to us at

    1. Utilize a lead scanner device or download The NAMM Show app via iOS or Android
    2. Scan the QR code on an attendee badge.You can also scan a business card, or the attendee can display their QR Code on their smartphone with the app as well. 
    3. A pop-up notification will tell you if the scan was successful
      • Attendee's profile will show and you can add details about the lead with options to score, tag and add a note
      • You can also send an email or chat message immediately after the scan.
      • Attendee details will automatically load into your contact list in the Exhibitor Center, the same area that will show leads generated through your virtual NAMM Show+ brand page from meetings and connections with attendees.
      • Export your leads to Excel or .CSV files for an easy follow-up
      • Check out your Lead Board for real time analytics on how your team is performing