Barb Fairhurst

Barb Fairhurst was hired by Dave Smith to manage the business elements of his newly-formed company he called Sequential Circuits, back in 1977. The following year, the company released its first product, the Prophet-5 synthesizer, which helped revolutionize the electronic keyboard and synthesizer market. Barb worked her way to Vice President of the company in an era when few women in the music industry had such positions. She enjoyed her work and took pride in the products and programs the company provided its customers. Her background in business served the company well when it grew beyond Dave’s original vision, as production lines and bigger operational space were required. Barb assisted with the factory move in the 1980s and stayed on with the company just prior to Yamaha purchasing it in 1987. 

Interview Date:
July 26, 2010
Job Title:
Former Vice President
Sequential Circuits

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