Bill Hughes

Bill Hughes is a hero among musical gearheads for his innovative amplifier designs throughout his career.  He was hired into the industry by Jess Oliver (interview class of 2005) at the Ampeg Company.  A year after joining the company in 1964, Bill worked on the SB12 bass amp, which led to a series of products during his time with the company.  After becoming the Chief Engineer, Bill designed the now famous Super Valve Technology circuitry and the Ampeg SVT series was born!  Bill also made incredible contributions to ASR Systems, where he worked in the late 1970s, Peavey and Fender in the 1980s.  When he joined Fender the company was owned by CBS Musical Instruments.  He retired from Fender as Chief Engineer in electronics in 2013.

Interview Date:
January 22, 2014
Job Title:
Product Engineer
Fender Musical Instrument Company

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