Bob Casey

Bob Casey enjoyed a long career in pro audio and radio. It all began when he was four years old when he saw the large sound cones on his father’s truck. His father formed Edward P. Casey’s Sound System Company and became one of the early inventors of PA (Public Address) systems in New York. Over the years Bob’s father created the sound systems for many of the Catholic churches in the city as well as for Yankee Stadium. Bob formed his own company creating sound systems for night clubs and studios in New York and on occasion would work with his father on larger projects such as when the Pope provided mass at Yankee Stadium in 1979. Bob also played an important role for the Armed Forces Radio Network during the Vietnam War. His career in the army was portrayed in part in the movie “Good Morning Vietnam.”


Interview Date:
February 26, 2008
Date of Birth:
August 28, 1943
Deceased Date:
October 18, 2016
Job Title:
Virgo Sound Inc.

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