Brian Leshon

Brian Leshon began playing in his school jazz band when he was just thirteen years old. However, as early as his high school years, Brian had a strong interest in the recording process. He joined the Cherokee Studios team in 1975 and was on hand and participated in many historic recordings. He soon realized this was his dream job and he did all he could to learn more and develop related skills such as Mixing and Producing. Brian worked for Chateau Records and was on staff at A&M Studios before his famous return to Cherokee where he was the Chief Engineer on some of his favorite projects. Over the years he has worked with David Bowie, George Duke, Devo, Rod Stewart and Jeff Beck, among others. He was also witness to some of the biggest advances in audio engineering over the last 50 years and enjoyed the process of improving the sound and his technique whenever possible. With his passion for music up front and center, Brian continues to help others fulfill their musical dreams.


Interview Date:
June 21, 2022
Job Title:
Recording Engineer

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