Clay Barclay

Clay Barclay was associated with Crown International in Elkhart, Indiana for more than 40 years. As a kid, he took radios apart to see how they worked and has been fascinated with audio his entire life. He is a brain surgeon by trade but always worked in the field of electronics with the goal of improving audio equipment. Among the many products Clay was involved with at Crown were the DC300 and DC300A amplifiers, which were originally designed by Gerald Stanley, as an ultra-quality power supply for General Electric. Clay was the first to appreciate that the DC-300 was in fact the most accurate audio amplifier ever produced and encouraged Crown to sell the product to the professional and high-end HI-FI market. As time went forward, Crown introduced a full line of internally competitive amplifiers. Clay realized that the Crown Amplifier story had to be told so he produced a vinyl LP recording for Crown Dealers and Audiophiles to explain the advantages of the various amplifier models.

Interview Date:
August 18, 2018
Job Title:
Former Product Engineer
Crown International

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