David Kutner

David Kutner was new to the music products industry when he was offered the job as President of Hammond Organs in the late 1960s. It was a time for change in the organ business as sales slipped from the decade before, resulting in the discontinuation of the famous B3 line by David’s predecessors. However, the greatest boom for the organ market was about to take place. Dave felt the time was right to launch a new product, which his wife named the “Hammond Piper.” It was a great success and one that gave the company new life. When he was interviewed he spoke of how his time in the music industry was the happiest time of his professional career.

Interview Date:
June 5, 2002
Date of Birth:
January 9, 1915
Deceased Date:
June 26, 2008
Job Title:
Former President
Hammond Organ Company

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