Dustin Barlow

Dustin Barlow is the head instrument repair technician for Bertrand’s Music in San Marcos, California. He joined the store in 2006 and has since become the repair shop manager as well as one of their repairman. His love of musical instrument repair started when he was still in high school when he was mentored by Rob Nelson, the San Diego-based piano technician. After working with his school’s marching band, Dustin went to Canada for two years of training as a band instrument technician. There he was introduced to NAPBIRT (he remains an active member) and when he graduated from the program he returned to Bertrand’s Music full-time in 2006. Up until that point, the company outsourced their repairs so Dustin became their first repairman on the payroll, a fact for which Dustin is proud.


Interview Date:
July 12, 2022
Job Title:
Repair Technician
Bertrand's Music

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