Ernie Lansford

Ernie Lansford has served our industry well. With his attention to his customers and dedication to their satisfaction, Ernie has earned the respect and friendship of many – both suppliers and dealers. As a sales rep for St. Louis Music and for Peavey, Ernie was well traveled, which allowed him to promote the importance of NAMM member services as well as the educational programs created by the American Music Conference. Ernie has also been a strong proponent of this interview program, seeking to preserve the rich history of the industry he loves. In 2016, Ernie left the music industry to pursue his desire to coach sales reps, to equip them to move from transaction centric to relationship centric in their business.  As a result, he wrote The Poetics of Sales (Amazon) and co-wrote Time To Fly.


Interview Date:
January 22, 2006
Job Title:
Sales Manager

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