Gayle Kowalchyk

Gayle Kowalchyk loves teaching piano!  She studied piano in college, taught at the university level, and then established a piano studio in her home with her husband, E. L. Lancaster.  Together, they taught and eventually began writing piano teaching materials.  Morty Manus, president of Alfred Music Publishing, called while she was pursuing her doctorate to offer her a job as an acquisition editor.  The idea of creating educational products appealed greatly to her as she could support both teachers and students.  She accepted his offer and began working for Alfred following the completion of her degree.  Since then, she has co-authored many projects with her husband, including Alfred’s Music for Little Mozarts and the Ear Training Books for Alfred’s Basic Piano Library.  Gayle is currently Senior Keyboard Editor for Alfred and works from home, relying on E. L. to deliver her work to the office each day.

Interview Date:
September 3, 2014
Job Title:
Senior Keyboard Editor
Alfred Music

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