Isaac Sadigursky

Isaac Sadigursky credits much of his understanding and passion for music to the school he attended in his native Russia. He began attending music school at the age of five and developed skills on the accordion and clarinet strong enough to perform in the symphony orchestra and the military band. While in the service for three years he performed all over the Ukraine and for countless military funerals. After the service and his time with the conservatory, Isaac, his wife and his young daughter moved to California where he began part-time work as a piano technician. The work quickly became his profession, which was very rewarding for him and greatly appreciated by his customers, many of whom became personal friends. Isaac learned that going to tune a piano is the basic service you can provide a customer. However, by taking the time and care to fully examine the piano, you can offer additional suggestions that will enhance the playability of the instrument. This high standard of service lead to many referrals through word of mouth, which he found rewarding.

Interview Date:
August 5, 2022
Job Title:
Isaac's Piano Service

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