Ketty Lester

Ketty Lester sang several ballads while in a recording studio in Los Angeles in 1963, under the assumption that the point of the session was an audition to explore her musical range and style. In fact, that session was recorded to tape and at the very end when the producer asked for one more song she leaned over the pianist and pointed to the sheet music for “Love Letters.” She was surprised and upset at first when the song was released as she had no idea it was even recorded, but when it became her signature song she would smile and quote the lyrics to another song that she was known for, “It Was Just One of Those Things.” Ketty also fell easily into acting and when asked about her role in paving the way for other women of color in both music and acting, she would smile and say “I was very blessed. These things just happened and I am proud. But it was just one of those things!” Her passion for both were evident during her interview, as was her gracious nature and kind spirit.

Interview Date:
October 20, 2020
Job Title:
Vocalist, Actress

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