Letty Jo Randell

Letty Jo Randell formed her own music publishing company, Letting Go Music, after having worked for Screen Gems and a company she formed with her then husband, Denny Randell. She began using some of her poems to write tunes with Denny and later they collaborated on several other songs. She teamed up with other songwriters over the years and penned a number of songs that have been recorded including the cult classic “Shirley Wood (aka Surely Would)” for Disco-Tex and the Sex O-Lettes. In the early 1970s the Osmond's recorded three of her songs including “Gabrielle”, which includes her lyrics: “I was so happy when I found you (Gabrielle), Don't know what life would be without you (Gabrielle), And maybe I'm a fool to ever let you go, You'll be better off without me if you can't build your world around me”.

Interview Date:
February 24, 2018
Job Title:
Letting Go Music

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