Madeleine Crouch

Madeleine Crouch always has an endless amount of energy. In the role of industry association manager, Madeleine took over the company established by Don Dillon, which offers organizational and planning services for a number of music industry associations including RPMDA, ISB and NASMD. Madeleine and her team have helped increase the membership for these organizations and several others outside the music industry. With her guidance and passion for music (she was once the manager of a music store’s sheet music department in Texas) the annual conferences for these groups have also grown in numbers and in meaning for their members. Over the years she has also been a strong and inspiring supporter of several programs for the industry including this Oral History program and NAMM’s annual Tribute, in which time is taken at each January show to pay honor and respect to those in the industry who have passed away. In addition, Madeleine was awarded the 2018 Doroth Award for her role serving RPMDA over the years. Madeleine does not seem to ever stop and the industry is richer as a result!

Interview Date:
April 17, 2010
Job Title:
Madeline Crouch & Company

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