Manel Punti

Manel Punti is the Managing Director of Music Distribution, a wholesale business in Spain that his father established in the 1960s. Manel grew up in the music industry as well as a musical family. His father played the piano and encouraged his children (and later his grandchildren) to play an instrument. Manel played the flute and later the organ and piano. He joined his father in business in 1996 selling music books, which soon expanded to include musical instruments and accessories. They teamed up with Kaman and introduced several important bands to the Spanish market. In addition to his company duties, Manel has been active in strengthening the music industry in his country. He is creating opportunities for the music leaders in Spain to better communicate and work together on common causes, such as asking the government to support music education in public schools.  


Interview Date:
February 15, 2020
Job Title:
Managing Director
Music Distribucion

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