Marcial "Robert" Flores

Marcial “Robert” Flores knows world percussion!  Starting as an entry-level employee as a young man, Robert has worked his way through nearly every process at Remo Inc. and up through the ranks to become the World Percussion Coordinator for Remo, which is no small task.  In that role, Robert has worked with some of the premier percussionists in the world, as well as Remo himself, to develop new and innovative products in the percussion realm such as the drum table and the ocean discs, to name just a few.  Robert takes great pride in, not only the wide-ranging and innovative World Percussion product line, but also the essential role these instruments play in the widely adopted and fast-growing music and wellness initiatives promoted by Remo.

Interview Date:
December 11, 2014
Job Title:
World Percussion Coordinator
Remo Inc.

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