Marvin Lamb

Marvin Lamb was looking for a job in 1958 and found an opening at the Gibson
Guitar Company in Kalamazoo.  “This was right at the time of the boom in the
industry and it was a great time to get started.”  A year later he met
James Deurloo and along with J. P. Moats, they stayed with Gibson until the
company was sold and moved to Nashville.  At the time, all three friends
outlined an idea for creating their own guitar company, but keeping it in the
same building with the same attention to details and craftsmanship.  In
1985, the Heritage Guitar Company was formed and all three men are still the
working owners.  In fact, the day of NAMM’s interview, Marvin was covered in
sawdust after working on a new lot of guitars.

Interview Date:
June 9, 2005
Job Title:
Heritage Guitars

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