Mickey Raphael

Mickey Raphael grew up with a passion for music and was recruited to play sousaphone and tuba in his high-school marching band. While this was his excuse to get out of gym class, Mickey realized his love for music and gravitated towards playing the harmonica. He was deep into the folk scene in Dallas, TX and drew great inspiration from Canned Heat, The Lovin' Spoonful and the Paul Butterfield Blues Band just to name a few. Since the harmonica was a prominent instrument in folk music, Mickey had no problem getting gigs and playing many shows. He started playing with Willie Nelson in 1972 after jamming with him in his hotel room after a University of Texas football game. Mickey can be heard on Willie’s “Georgia on My Mind” on the album Stardust and on Emmylou Harris’ “Here, There and Everywhere.” Mickey has also had the opportunity to play with great musicians such as Bob Dylan and Snoop Dogg, and proudly endorses Hohner Harmonicas.

Interview Date:
April 14, 2021
Job Title:
Musician, Harmonicist

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