Mildred Kirschner

Mildred Kirschner was simply known as Millie around the NAMM headquarters office where she was hired in 1946. The Chicago based association was being run by Mr. Mills when a heart condition forced him to retire. A young William Gard became the next leader of NAMM who has since become a legend in the industry. Millie spoke of her role as office manager and the caring way Mr. Gard oversaw the staff. Mr. Gard was restructuring the association after the war and included the staff in many new projects. Millie was put in charge of one of Gard’s ideas to collect a copy of everything NAMM produced and mailed to its members. The files she started are now referred to as the bound book collection in the NAMM Resource Center. The collection, which includes over 80 volumes, traces NAMM’s programs, trade shows, and membership dating back to 1947 – thanks to Millie.

Interview Date:
February 6, 2004
Date of Birth:
September 9, 1925
Deceased Date:
September 13, 2006
Job Title:
Former Office Manager

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