Ray Edenton

Ray Edenton played guitar on hundreds of recordings as part of the famed Nashville studio band known as the A Team.   He grew up in a musical family with his grandfather playing fiddle and being encouraged to play music at a young age.  In fact, he was performing in front of audiences by the time he was six years old, in and around his home town of Mineral, Virginia.  A radio program with Joe Maphis after World War II set the wheels in motion for Ray to begin recording and performing with a variety of musicians, which he continued to do when he moved to Nashville.  Ray soon proved he could play a number of instruments including the bass guitar, and the studios began to call him for sessions.  As part of the A Team, he would work sometimes three and four sessions a day.  As a result, Ray can be heard on recordings by just about every artist who recorded in Nashville between 1953 and 1990, when he retired.

Interview Date:
July 19, 2014
Date of Birth:
November 3, 1926
Deceased Date:
September 21, 2022
Job Title:
Musician, Guitarist

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