Sharell Del Fiorentino

Sharell Del Fiorentino remembers as a little girl pretending the back of her daddy’s car seat was a piano keyboard. As long as she can recall, she has always wanted to be a pianist. When she was ten her parents purchased a piano for her, although they could hardly afford the expense. As a result young Sharell did not have formal lessons but instead taught herself to play by ear. Over the years she learned to read music and by the time she was 18 she was giving piano lessons to other aspiring music makers.  As an adult, she studied theory and continued to teach as well as play. “Oh my, did she play!,” states her son, Dan Del Fiorentino (Music Historian for NAMM). “My mom loves to play, loves it! All throughout my childhood she played at every wake and wedding in our town! And to this day she continues to play nearly every Sunday for her church. She has inspired and encouraged many others to love music, including me”

Interview Date:
February 24, 2022
Job Title:
Piano Teacher

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