Vic Mizzy

Vic Mizzy wrote a number of hit songs for popular music, movies and television beginning in the 1940s. He wrote “The Jones Boy” for the Mills Brothers and is perhaps best known for writing TV theme songs for Green Acres and The Addams Family (for which he also sang on the original recording). As he began to work in the movies in the 1960s, Vic became active in ASCAP and other elements within movie contracts to ensure the rights of the songwriter and his art was protected. Vic enjoyed his craft and was ever eager to teach and raise awareness regarding songwriting. In 2001 Vic took part in the first series of lectures offered by the NAMM Foundation’s Museum of Making Music (which opened only the year before). In the Songwriting Series Vic spoke alongside his good friend Ray Evans who wrote the theme song for Mr. Ed.


Interview Date:
February 27, 1995
Date of Birth:
January 9, 1916
Deceased Date:
October 17, 2009
Job Title:
Songwriter, Composer

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