Wilhelm Mönnig

Wilhelm Mönnig, his brother Friedrich, and cousin first removed Klaus are owners of Gebrüder Mönnig which produce high quality woodwind instruments in Markneukirchen. Their grandfathers, Hans and Fritz Mönnig, founded the company in 1906. The next generation of four children; Willi, Horst, Hans, and Albert joined Gebrüder Mönnig between 1920 and 1922. In 1928, Horst Mönnig emigrated to Los Angeles and Hans to Philadelphia while Willi Mönnig and his cousin Albert took over the company. Wilhelm Mönnig, son of Willi Mönnig, started to work during difficult times in 1971 when the company was state-controlled until the reunification of Germany. During his career, he specialized in preparation of wood supplies for the production of instruments.  

Interview Date:
April 14, 2018
Job Title:
Gebrüder Mönnig Company

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