Tri-Technical Systems - Electronic Orders (September 2008)

Technology is beginning to get a foothold in the MI Industry for the independent and regional chain stores. In the past few months, the users of Tri-Technical Systems AIMsi software have transmitted over 3,000 electronic orders to MI suppliers. Those suppliers received over 70,000 line items that did not have to be manually entered into their computer systems. Electronically submitted orders are increasing each month as our users "get on board" and suppliers implement the processing on their end.

Retailers embracing this new technology are benefiting from faster fulfillment because their orders are going directly into the suppliers' system. The orders are not sitting in a bin or an e-mail box waiting for someone to manually enter them. Retailers are also finding that errors are virtually eliminated; there's no longer the chance that the supplier will make typos in the product numbers from a fax or e-mail. Retailers also benefit from the immediate order confirmation from the supplier.

Suppliers with the ability to receive electronic orders from Tri-Technical Systems include J. D’Addario, Kaman, Musicorp, Roland, Conn-Selmer, Chesbro Music, Hal Leonard, Alfred and Lorenz.