ReVoicing the Future

Join Natalie & Stephanie as they sit down with Sharon Bryant and Claire Kreger-Boaz from the NAMM Public Affairs team to talk about navigating between jobs, what it means to work on a team with people who complement one another, and more. 
Mother’s Day is coming up and we thought it would be fun to compile some of the sage advice our past guests have given around balancing work and parenting! Join Natalie & Stephanie as they listen back and reflect on some key moments from the SWIM Masters archive. 
Miranda Altman, Senior Director of Program Operations at Little Kids Rock, had an untraditional path into the music industry. The work she does with Little Kids Rock helped her step out of her comfort zone, take some risks, and grow her career. 
Kimberly Deverell & Robin Sassi of San Diego Music Studio have been working together since basically the very beginning. Natalie sits down with both Kimberly and Robin to discuss their career journey's within SDMS, how they pivoted during the pandemic, the Philappeans Ukulele Project, and so much more.
On this episode of SWIM Masters, Mindy and Natalie reflect on how the mission of Tom Tom Magazine is as relevant today as it was when Mindy first got her start as a drummer in Riot Grrrl bands, and how they’re striving to give new young drummers permission every day to pick up their first pair of sticks.
Happy International Women’s Day! To celebrate, co-hosts/co-producers Natalie Morrison & Stephanie Lamond sit down for a special bonus episode of ReVoicing the Future, interviewing each other and discussing what we #ChooseToChallenge this International Women’s Day and what we hope for the future of the music industry.
Balancing work with your creative self can be challenging for everyone, especially now during the pandemic.
This week, we sat down with Alfred Music's own Iris & Ron Manus, two legends in the music publishing industry. Our conversations stemmed from Iris's history of her journey to the industry, how publishing has changed since she began working at Alfred in the 1940s, what she sees for the future of the industry, and more.
Dr. Jennifer Hall is an executive coach, leadership trainer, and assessment author. She's been working with Women of NAMM as the executive coach for the Women of NAMM Leadership Summit and also some virtual coaching she's been doing with our Women of NAMM Scholarship recipients.
To kick off Season 2 of ReVoicing the Future, we sat down with Elisa Janson Jones, the Director of Operations for the Conn-Selmer Institute. From the classroom to Conn-Selmer, Elisa has left her mark in the music education world, by tapping into the virtual space to bring education workshops to educators all across the country and the world.
On the season finale of ReVoicing the Future, Natalie sits down with Crystal Morris, the CEO/President of Gator Cases and third founder of Women of NAMM. We talk about growing up in the music industry, why mentorship is important, and what SWIM has in store for 2021!
On this episode of ReVoicing the Future, Natalie and Stephanie sit down with Karen Dunn. She currently runs her own business, KMD Productions, has been a pioneer in virtual mentoring and networking events in the Pro Audio space, and has planned the TEC Awards for 36 years.