König & Meyer Manufactures More Than Music Stands During Pandemic

Elizabeth Dale

International NAMM Member König & Meyer believes strongly in “innovative design, functionality, and durability” for their products and make sure to “develop innovative solutions for our customers’ needs and wishes.” When the COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe, the team at König & Meyer took these strongly held beliefs and applied them to adapt their role as one of the largest manufacturers of music stands to start producing sanitizer stands.

Forming in 1949 in Wertheim, Germany, founders Karl König and Erich Meyer employed ten people intending to produce top tier music stands and measuring instruments. Over 70 years later, the internationally known manufacturer now employs roughly 300 people in Wertheim and has a range of products to include music stands, microphone and instrument stands, speaker stands, seats and accessories for lighting, and sound and studio technology. Operating on a philosophy “to manufacture high quality and durable products in an environmentally friendly manner, so that musicians worldwide can concentrate on what’s essential – their music,” König & Meyer has taken this sentiment and applied it to combating COVID-19.

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We sat down with Gabriela König, König & Meyer CEO to discuss the new line of sanitizer stands and the transition of operations within the company.

What motivated the decision for König & Meyer to manufacture sanitizer stands?

When the pandemic began, we introduced more rigorous hygiene measures in the company to protect our employees and visitors. Part of this process was to set up disinfectant stands in the entrance areas of our company, which we assembled from existing components. However, this model was massive and extremely heavy. Due to the hygiene measures required by the German government, we saw a general need for such products and within the next three weeks, we developed different versions of disinfectant stands and introduced them to the market. This new product has provided some relief from the decreased sales and has safeguarded some 300 jobs.

What process did König & Meyer have to go through to begin the manufacturing of these products? Were there any major changes to the manufacturing process compared to existing products?

We produce almost all individual parts for our entire product range in-house in Wertheim, Germany. From the R&D process to the final assembly, we control every aspect of the manufacturing process. This allows us to react quickly and flexibly to high demands, special customer requirements, and implement new products and smaller series at short notice. This has been of benefit in the production of the new disinfectant stands. Our in-house engineers have developed various designs of sanitizer stands, and existing components of other products were used in the design, some of which we had in stock or could be ordered quickly from our local suppliers. Due to our in-house production, the assembly process was changed promptly. All employees have fully supported us in the implementation of the new product line. The project has motivated and energized the whole team.

What do NAMM Members need to know about this new product line?

We offer several mobile disinfectant stands and disinfectant holders that protect customers, employees, and visitors safely and sustainably. The different models are ideal for use in commercial premises with high visitor frequency, such as hospitals, surgical centers, retail shops, hotels, restaurants, schools, event locations, or businesses with entrances and waiting areas. The product is finished in neutral white. The stands, as well as the wall mounts, are made of steel. They have a comfortable operating height and are equipped with a plastic drip cup. The tray is made of aluminum and can be used in many ways for facial or cleansing tissue papers, facemasks, or other hygiene products. All surfaces are hygienically easy to clean.

How many stands have you manufactured and how many have been sold to date?

We have expanded the product range to offer six different models, as well as a wall mount for sanitizers and a tray for cleansing tissue papers or face masks. Additional products are already in the design process. The response and need for the stands have exceeded our expectations. We have produced and sold about 8,000 sanitizer stands up to now and are still increasing our production rate.

Have you seen a particular industry or field purchasing the stands?

Besides the demand from the music industry, we have requests from hospitals and medical centers, pharmacies, hair salons and barber shops, clothing retailers, and even law firms and schools.

Are you shipping the stands just in Europe or can they be sent outside the EU as well?

Generally, we can ship worldwide through our distributors in the music industry. So far, most of the requests for the disinfectant stands come from Germany and several European countries. The line of products is also available in the US through our distributor, Connolly Music

To learn more about the sanitizer stands, please visit www.k-m.de for international inquiries and US-based interests please visit https://www.connollymusic.com/ or www.k-m.de/us.