L-Acoustics Brings Clarity and Precision to Indonesian Mosque

Elizabeth Dale

The At-Thohir mosque which sits just outside the bustling city of Jakarta, Indonesia, recently debuted its all-new sound system from NAMM Member, L-Acoustics.

Built by the extended family of the late automotive tycoon Teddy Thohir, the house of worship features 29 domes meant to represent the family. The stunning white interior, ornamented with gold calligraphy, represents the 99 meanings of Allah. The mosque can house up to 1,900 worshipers and was a gift to the local community from a government minister and one of Thohir’s sons. This past spring it was dedicated by Indonesia’s president.

With its unique interior and large capacity, At-Thohir requires a powerful and pristine sound system that not only provides superior audio to the Muslim community but would discreetly fit into the building’s aesthetic. Adding another layer of technical difficulty in finding the right audio solutions for the mosque is the Indonesian government’s recent guideline that caps sound volumes at 100 decibels and limits amplified audio inside buildings.

Mosque leadership tasked local Jakarta-based pro-audio supplier PT Gracia Auvindo with the challenge. Its project manager, Hendra Halim, found a system that not only met the specifications and restrictions imposed by the government and building code but fit the installation space inside the main prayer hall, an area only measuring 28.5 meters by 28.5 meters. Hendra said, “The hall is constructed of marble and granite, creating reflective surfaces throughout, compounded by the inner side of a dome-shaped roof.”

Hendra partnered with L-Acoustics Application Project Engineer APAC Chung Wah Khiew and used L-Acoustics Soundvision to outline a system that could minimize reflections by keeping sound in the audience area, avoiding the domed roof and reflective walls. Soundvision is a software that allows users to input their venue and build 3D models to design the most precise sound system for a specific site. In addition, the software can place any L-Acoustics loudspeaker, line array, or subwoofer within the environment and quickly assess the sound pressure level distribution over the audience. This feature, paired with the real-time mapping function, allows for instant measurements and quick modifications before the sound systems are installed and mitigates the need for readjustments of equipment.

L-Acoustics Discover SoundVision 3.6

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Since its installation and calibration, the new sound system has received praise from its community, who have commented on the increased clarity of prayer services. “Working as a team with L-Acoustics and the At-Thohir committee, we’ve succeeded in overcoming important challenges to getting great sound in this space. Soundvision was especially helpful in ensuring that our team proposed and installed the ideal system. The satisfaction of the committee and those who worship at the mosque are a great honor for the PT Gracia Auvindo team.”

For more information on L-Acoustics, please visit https://www.l-acoustics.com/.