The Capital Summit to Be Held at The 2023 NAMM Show

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers: Don’t miss this deep dive into your financial future! The 2023 NAMM Show will feature the debut of The Capital Summit, a special educational event — held Saturday, April 15 from
10 – 11:30 am at the Anaheim Convention Center, Level 2, Room 202B.

Moderated by Gary Rabishaw of Intrepid Investment Bankers, this session will address the issues and opportunities that music businesses encounter as they seek growth financing or consider pursuing mergers or acquisitions — either as a buyer or seller. It’s free to all NAMM Show attendees, and no separate registration is required.

Rabishaw will be joined by an all-star panel of prominent NAMM members, executives, and industry investors, including Tim Carroll, CEO of Focusrite; Chris Lombardi, CEO of Drum Workshop; Jamers Gordon, CEO of Audiotonix, and John Maier, former CEO of Blue Microphones and operating partner of Transom Capital.

In this interview, Rabishaw weighed in on what to expect at The Capital Summit, and why it’s perfect timing for all interested.

The Capital Summit will dive into purchasing, selling, and raising capital for a music business. Why is this topic important?

In my nearly 25 years of experience advising companies in capital transactions, I’ve learned that preparing for a capital transaction — acquisition, sale, or capital raise — long in advance of having a need is a proven driver of success.

Even if a company does not envision a transaction in the near-term, it is important to know your options and understand how the decisions you make on a day-to-day basis can create value or, conversely, impact your ability to sell your business one day. Furthermore, many of these value-creating steps a business owner can take can positively impact the company’s performance, growth potential, customer experience, and employee retention, even if a transaction is not the primary goal.

Are there factors in the marketplace that make this topic especially relevant right now?

The MI industry has been through a significant shift over the last few years, dealing with unprecedented demand, supply chain issues, technology evolution, and now adjusting to the new realities following COVID. Amidst this period, there has been significant consolidation, particularly among the brands in the industry. As a result, the competitive environment is constantly changing, and many companies are facing new demands for capital and investment. Knowing your options and how to achieve them is critical.

Tell us about The Capital Summit at The 2023 NAMM Show. How will attendees benefit from the event?

We are very excited to bring The Capital Summit to the NAMM show. This event will be the first of its kind at NAMM, bringing together investors and industry leaders that have recently sold their businesses, are active acquirors, or both.

Attendees will hear stories and insights from their peers that provide a glimpse below the surface of an M&A transaction, highlight what makes a company attractive versus not attractive, and what their considerations were before embarking on a transaction. We hope that this unique inside look will educate attendees and enable them to better understand how their decision operating the business may impact them in the future.

Registration for The NAMM Show is now open at and be sure to check out NAMM Show+ and The Capital Summit at