Flight Ukulele Provides In-Flight Entertainment with a New Podcast

Elizabeth Dale

This fall, NAMM Member Flight Ukulele launched a new podcast. The manufacturer and master of puns debuted Flights of Fancy – A Ukulele Podcast, where guests join host Emma Gowing to discuss all things ukulele. From favorite players to prolific artists and everything in between, if it involves a ukulele, there is a chance that it is covered.

Gowing’s work with Flight goes beyond her hosting duties as she is also the company's Artist Relations manager and a member of the Flight Crew (@ukulelewoodshed), an international community of players. She reports that the podcast began to highlight the breadth of talent Flight encounters. She says, “We wanted to be able to showcase some of the amazing artists on the Flight Crew and delve into their ukulele story, how they learned and what their influences are. Most players have such great stories attached to why they play the ukulele, so sharing them affords us an insight into their music as well as serve as inspiration to others to make music.”

The first episode featured Flight Crew member Peter Moss, who recently announced the launch of his signature model ukulele from Flight. Moss (on Instagram at @ukulele.peter.moss) was an enthusiastic inaugural guest. He reflected on his experience, “After being the Flight artist of the month and having a signature uke in progess, the opportunity to guest on the podcast was the icing on the cake. Having a platform to talk about my background as a music-maker and promoting the launch is something I am grateful for. To remain authentic, I committed to recording the episode in one take. Since I didn’t know what questions would be asked, I was forced to think on my feet rather quickly. However, Emma made me feel extremely relaxed and turned the whole experience into a casual chat with a friend. I commend her for her ability to put me at ease and thank both Flight and Emma for letting me kickstart the new Flights of Fancy podcast.”

Flight Ukulele often finds itself on the cutting edge of marketing strategies. As a big social media user including, embracing platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok to generate content, they can bring together a community of musicians in a modern and approachable manner. Gowing says, “For us, social media is not just a marketing strategy, but it is also about creating a community and a platform for up-and-coming artists who are now part of the Flight Crew. This group includes over 100 musicians worldwide and features a select but diverse group of talented, energetic ukulele players who serve as role models within their communities. We have identified these artists as players and performers that can take the ukulele world to the limits of innovation and creativity. Our mission is to nurture these artists, and we want to give them creative space and resources to become who they are meant to be and to show the world just what is possible with the ukulele on stage and in our communities.”

Releases of the podcast typically occur on Friday, and listeners can look forward to bi-monthly releases starting in January. For the latest episodes, be sure to subscribe to the Flight Ukulele YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/c/FlightUkulele. For more from Flight, please visit them at https://flightmusic.com/.

Flights of Fancy Ep. 1

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