Gibson Launches TEMPO Project

Elizabeth Dale

Last month, Gibson Gives launched TEMPO, a project dedicated to addressing the abuse of opioids and helping those with substance abuse issues and their loved ones cope with the effects of addiction.

Gibson Gives, a 501(c)(3) organization, is “committed to introduce, inspire, and amplify the power of music through guitars across all generations, genres, and genders.” Established in 2002, Gibson Gives, formerly the Gibson Foundation, has provided thousands of guitars and related value-in-kind and donations exceeding $30 million. The organization partners with groups like Give a Note™ Foundation, Guitars for Vets, Little Kids Rock®, MusiCares®, Notes for Notes®, and the Save the Music Foundation to expand music and arts education for children, provide music therapy programs for veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, and provide the healing powers of music to patients and healthcare workers experiencing stress and isolation in hospitals.

Gibson Gives Promo

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TEMPO, or Training and Empowering Musicians to Prevent Overdose, debuted last month to “save musicians' lives in response to the continued and elevated opioid overdoses.” The program will help non-profits facilitate life-saving training necessary to administer the drug naloxone (Narcan, Naloxone Auto-Injector), which is critical in preventing opioid overdose.

To further the reach of TEMPO, Gibson Gives formed the TEMPO Member Network. The network consists of TEMPO partners, including Harbor Path, Life by Music Foundation, MusiCares, Musicians for Overdose Prevention, National Harm Reduction Colation, Solace for Hope, The Roadie Clinic (a Roadie Advocacy Group), and The SCARS Foundation. Each member will host an official TEMPO program training center and will have a stock of naloxone. TEMPO also recognizes the importance of recovery alongside the ability to save a life. As a result, selected TEMPO partners will provide counseling services for those suffering from opioid addiction and their families.

Dendy Jarrett, Gibson Gives Executive Director, said, “Creating this alliance was simply the right thing to do. Many musicians die needlessly each year because those around them are unaware there is a way to stop an overdose or lack education on the signs of usage or overdose. We can save lives by simply training and empowering musicians. Losing even one musician to overdose is too many.” TEMPO's biggest challenge is maintaining a stock of naloxone. According to Jarrett, when TEMPO began, it had 30,000 doses of naloxone available but are now down to less than 2,500. As a result of the dwindling supply, TEMPO is focusing on raising funds to replenish its stock.

Gibson Gives and the TEMPO Member Network will roll out “powered by TEMPO” programs this summer at concert venues, studios, and clubs. While each site will handle how they provide awareness of TEMPO, the program's website hosts video training and knowledgeable staff to answer questions that venues and their employees may have. After completing the training and corresponding exam, sites are provided a dose of naloxone, if needed for future use. For more information about TEMPO, please visit