Increase Booth Traffic with 3 Proven Strategies

Shelley Hickox

Discover how Zoom created a buzz around their product at The NAMM Show before buyers set foot on the show floor. 

NAMM Show Tips: Zoom

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Zoom recently unveiled its hottest product, the Zoom Arq, at The NAMM Show, which features a drum machine, sequencer, synthesizer, looper and MIDI controller as well as its distinctive Bluetooth ring.

This product is meant to be fun, collaborative and draw attention. They knew that in order to build excitement at the show, there was much preparation to do far in advance of opening day in Anaheim.

NAMM talked with Zoom Product Specialist, Eric Battin, for behind-the-scenes tips on how they got the attention of key buyers before, during and after the show.


  1. Engage in Pre-Show Online Promotions

Zoom made use of teaser ads and Youtube pre-roll to promote the Zoom Arq. With a high production value and a simple overview of features, in 30 seconds, a user could catch the excitement and understand what this new tool has to offer.

Many of these teasers got tens of thousands of views; so by the time buyers hit The NAMM Show floor, they were familiar with Zoom’s latest product and excited to try it out for themselves.

Another big push before the show was the strategic use of social media promotions. According to Battin, all promotions were very targeted, calculated and planned out in advance. Utilizing a content calendar and boosting your posts with facebook ads is a great way to start.    

When developing your pre-promotion online strategy, key questions to ask yourself include:

  • Who are you targeting?
  • How are they going to use your product?
  • What keywords are you going to use?

Using targeted keywords in your promotions is a great way to boost your SEO results on Google and will show up on more of your potential buyer’s news feeds. Talk to an SEO specialist to identify the right keywords for your business.

Also consider that evangelism marketing could already be happening organically.  New products can spread on your brand ambassadors’ YouTube channels, blogs and websites. Give people a taste of what they will see and then exceed their expectations when they arrive at the show. Giving buyers an “only at NAMM” experience will make them feel like they are in the right place at the right time.


  1. Consider How Your Booth Display and Design Reinforce Your Goals

Zoom did a lot of pre-planning when it came to designing their booth display to make sure their booth stood out from others and reinforced their newest brand. So they decided to make the booth in the same shape and look as the new product they were unveiling—the Zoom Arq. With a light-up ring as the table, mirroring the Arq’s Bluetooth ring, product specialists could stand inside the circle and conduct product demos.

Zoom also wanted to ensure the booth environment encouraged collaboration, where people were interacting with one another and the product demonstrators and were not isolated in their own world with headphones. This made for a booth that created a lot of excitement and energy.

Finally, the key to a good booth display is to keep it simple. Don’t bring your entire product line. Zoom only brought the latest products they were releasing for the first time at NAMM. This gave buyers the feeling that they were getting a first look at a product that they wouldn’t have seen without coming to NAMM, and that their friends or even their competitors who weren’t in attendance, would be itching to see as well.  


  1. Foster a Qualified Attendee Mindset with Your Audience

According to Battin, the people who ask really deep questions are the ones who understand the product the most because they have done their homework and have a higher level of interest. This is your target!  

The pre-promotion strategies that Zoom engaged in, helped to educate buyers on social media before they arrived at the show, making a clear distinction between qualified and non-qualified buyers.

But don’t discredit those brand evangelists we talked about earlier. Even if people aren’t jumping to buy, but are excited about the product demos they just saw, they will share their NAMM experience with their network—creating more buzz and free advertising for you.

A good exhibitor experience doesn’t end with pre-show planning. Make sure you have a post-show strategy by following-up with visitors to your booth while your brand is still fresh on their minds. Have an email sign-up sheet and send a blast with a special offer and a thank you. Like the famous adage goes, “there’s fortune in the follow-up.”

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