Insights In Sound with CJ Vanston

Daniel Liston Keller

When it comes to music, CJ Vanston is a lifer.

After a decade as a top jingle musician in Chicago, he moved to Los Angeles and racked up tours and recordings with the likes of Joe Cocker, Tears for Fears, Ringo Starr, Richard Marx, Celine Dion, Prince, Toto, Spinal Tap, and hundreds more, not to mention scores for dozens of movies and TV shows. On top of all that, he's one of the funniest guys you'll ever meet. Join us for a short chat with CJ Vanston on this episode of #insightsinsound.

Insights In Sound - CJ Vanston

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Daniel Keller has followed a wide and eclectic career path within music and pro audio. He’s been a touring and studio musician, songwriter, composer, and arranger. He has worked in music publishing, as a studio technician, audio engineer, independent producer, and record label owner. He’s been involved in product design, music software consulting, and studio design and maintenance. He’s managed artist relations for major manufacturers. He’s a published writer with hundreds of articles in trade magazines, blogs, and websites, and has written more product manuals and technical documents than he cares to remember.

Since 2002 he’s headed up the PR firm Get It In Writing, providing consulting, marketing, brand building, product development, and video content creation for clients ranging from Avid to Zildjian. He’s VP of the Board of Directors of the Bob Moog Foundation, as well as working closely with the MIDI Association, SoundGirls, Women’s Audio Mission, and the Hey Audio Student Facebook group. He’s a presenter and moderator for NAMM’s TEC Tracks sessions, a long-time member and mentor of the Audio Engineering Society, and host of several audio and video series including “Insights In Sound” and “30 Second Chances.”