MusicIncite and Its Unique Approach to Teaching Music

Elizabeth Dale

According to the founder of MusicIncite Jerry Kramskoy, “There is no such thing as a wrong note. What counts is what happens next.” The NAMM Member harnesses this belief and an in-depth understanding of the many principles of psychology to create more music-makers through his emuso™ software.

After three decades of experience creating a litany of software products found on your phone, in your car, and at home, Kramskoy has paired it with his professional playing, teaching, and music theory experiences to innovate a unique approach to music education and music practice. MusicIncite employs modern software and media technologies to provide an alternative path to traditional study through its software suite, emuso™/PracticeSuite.

The software provides aspiring guitarists with tools to “rapidly develop fluency in the language of modern Western music.” The company reports that those who utilize their products often “gain skills using the core building blocks of music through aural, visual, and tactile cues with no initial need (maybe no need) for music notation, and with little jargon. This intimidation-free approach allows emuso students to hone their skills and application of theory utilizing an interactive content player, music construct reference library and editor, unique rhythm explorer for technique and timing practice, a multi-track music sketchpad, and an ear-training tool. This approach is also ideal for teachers, with powerful practice and learning tools for immediate to advanced guitarists."

In 2022, the software suite launched with the vision of utilizing technology to enable practice and to simplify the learning experience. Kramskoy based the development of his software on the many disciplines of psychology and the understanding that reading and writing skills develop last, while shortly after birth we perceive musical sounds as a collection of relative pitches and discriminate different rhythmic patterns. This means note-names can be de-prioritised. Intervals become foundational, reinforced through sounds, shapes, and colors, resulting in less to learn. Hence, emuso avoids notation, emphasizes intervals throughout, and presents rhythm visually. This approach, coupled with the ideology that memories are formed and recalled using mental frameworks and a positive mental attitude, results in steady progress and encouraging results and created the framework for the basis that became emuso.

Kramskoy explains his approach to emuso, saying, “The usual beginner experience with traditional lessons hinges around learning notation and note names and locations. There’s a strong belief that beginners aren’t capable of understanding theory, so they don’t teach it. My vision was to utterly change the learning experience by using technology that engages the ears, eyes, and hands and forges a strong understanding of the workings of music. It allows novices to hear the sounds and visually explore the theory-based relationships between chords and scales and start creating music from day-one interacting with the virtual guitar, chord and scale libraries, and rhythm explorer.  It also allows experienced guitarists who struggle with theory to practice and learn.  It is also ideal for one-to-one teaching, and remote teaching, and as an adjunct in the classroom.”

Auto-corrective interactive tests and tasks are undertaken on a virtual guitar. This means that muscle memory can’t take part, which encourages a focused practice that avoids distractions that can inhibit the progress of a guitarist, novice or experienced.  This strengthens the mental framework.  Real guitar is then used for practice, playing along with emuso, be that technique, timing, rhythm, chord voicings, fretboard navigation and so on.

Kramskoy says, “I believe that when someone starts learning music and guitar, they need maximum motivation, enjoyment, and a strong sense of progress. They need an up-front presentation with a high-level understanding of what is involved and a realistic appreciation of what is achievable in working towards various goals. Mindset has huge effects on the outcome and encourages further progress.”

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"Tyler Paul is a U.S. Army veteran who uses his talents playing guitar to instruct other veterans to become music makers. He relies heavily on the interactive approach to increase his proficiency and when teaching others. He said, “I can easily mess around on the fretboard to demonstrate what I am thinking and visualize where and how I want a chord. Sometimes we all have a block, and this software is tremendous at getting around that block. I have checked out online lessons and always thought you don't get feedback, so you don't learn much besides tabs. This format is absolutely amazing because you get interaction and feedback. You get to play with sounds, and one huge thing is the ability and ease to invert chords and turn them into a melody. This is honestly a new approach that I think will progress people that want to learn faster. I also play a little piano as well so the fact that you can do that as well is a huge plus. Additionally, being able to read the how, when, and most importantly the why creates better musicians. This isn't teaching people to follow tabs it actually teaches how to be a musician which is groundbreaking on many instruments. I really think you are onto something amazing that I have never seen before. Thank you so much. I have been amazed at this idea!"

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