NAMM Member Kicks Off 30 Years of Business at The NAMM Show

Elizabeth Dale

Pro Audio Design Inc. (PAD) celebrates its 30th anniversary starting at The 2023 NAMM Show this month in Anaheim.

PAD is a highly regarded pro audio retailer and studio design group based in Hanover, Massachusetts. Founded in 1993 by musician and accomplished engineer Dave Malekpour, PAD’s brands include Professional Audio Design Inc, Augspurger® Monitors, Jocavi USA, Malekpour Design Partners, Studio Float, Sontronics, and TAD Laboratories. Since its beginning, PAD has supplied countless iconic studios, artists, and producers with the “best in pro audio equipment, as well as cutting-edge studio design, systems integration, and technical services – offering a holistic approach to creating world-class facilities.”

Malekpour found his calling in music early in life, learning to play piano, guitar, and drums at age five and experimenting with the recording process in his teens, even constructing a home studio to develop his craft. Entering the workforce, Malekpour worked in several commercial recording studios where he took a hands-on approach to all aspects of the recording and mixing process. In 1989, he founded Anything Audio, where he matched clients throughout the hospitality, event venue, and recording studio communities to find the right audio system for their spaces.

While running Anything Audio, Malekpour further developed his business to focus on pro audio installation projects and equipment refurbishment. By 1993, PAD was on the scene, combining Malekpour’s “talent for selling audio gear with advanced studio design, system integration, and technical services.”

In 2018, Malekpour teamed up with skilled studio architect and designer Michael Bashkhangy and formed Malekpour Design Partners.

Of the partnership, Bashkhangy said, “Our vision was clear. We wanted to create exceptional studios – from the design and structure to technology and, of course, superior audio quality – and that’s exactly what we do. After working together these past few years, we have developed a hugely talented team of designers who consistently bring our vision to life.”

Malekpour has worked on some of the most iconic recording facilities, utilizing his studio design, planning, and construction knowledge. Malekpour has worked on many notable projects, including collaborating with artists like Coldplay, Snoop Dogg, Teddy Riley, and The Weeknd, and with engineers like Bob Horn, Jaycen Joshua, Dave Pensado, and Rafa Sardina, among others.

The NAMM Show is the perfect place to begin celebrating PAD’s milestone anniversary. Malekpour said, “The very first show we attended as Pro Audio Design Inc all those years ago was The NAMM Show, so it seems appropriate to kick off our celebrations here among friends at an industry event that has always been so kind to us. We’ve come full circle!”

One of the first events launching PAD’s 30th-anniversary festivities will include Malekpour receiving a Believe in Music Award from NAMM to commend his dedication and service to the professional audio industry.

Malekpour reflected on PAD’s pearl anniversary, sharing, “Celebrating a thirtieth anniversary is a huge milestone for any business, and we couldn’t have achieved this without the help of PAD’s incredible team and loyal customers. Their support and dedication have enabled us to grow into what is now the PAD Group – and for that, we are extremely grateful. We are looking forward to the next chapter in the PAD story.”

Beyond receiving his Believe in Music Award from NAMM, Malekpour and PAD will host “Equipping the Home Studio for 3-D Mixing,” a TEC Tracks session on Thursday, April 13, from 2 – 3 pm inside the ACC, Level 2, 202A.

To learn more about Pro Audio Design Inc, register for The NAMM Show, and join the celebration in person, please visit and