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Shelley Hickox

There are numerous ways to drive traffic to your booth and promote your products at The NAMM Show, but what really works?

NAMM Show Tips: BAE Audio

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Colin Liebich from BAE Audio shares four successful traffic drivers that create an exciting and welcoming atmosphere, increase brand awareness and ultimately sell more product. Their success can be your success at The NAMM Show—read on!

Excitement Generating Promotions

Creating a buzz around your brand before, during and after the show is imperative with show promotions. BAE has their endorsed artists come and perform at their booth and they also have giveaway prizes that are not just a t-shirt or a hat, but usually a nicer piece of gear—make your giveaway event worth coming to.

BAE usually gives away lower to mid-grade pieces of gear every day of the show to generate that excitement and make going to the show a unique experience.

“You really want to create excitement, and what separates one booth from the other, I’ve noticed, is how much excitement.”

Colin noted that a great looking booth with a lot of color that has a lot of great events with a lot of buzz around the booth is going to catch the eye of your prospect and lure them in closer.

“Doing giveaways is almost better than giving everyone a free t-shirt,” Colin explained.

The excitement and crowds that are created around BAE’s booth when they do a giveaway creates the environment that something big is happening, and is exactly the kind of attention they are looking for. These events are shared through all of their marketing channels to not only entice attendees to come, but also to create a sense of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) for those who decided not to go to NAMM.

Attention-Grabbing Booth Design

Because BAE is British company, it only made sense to bring part of the country with them. So, a red telephone booth became their main attraction.

BAE didn’t stop with just a flashy red telephone booth. They made it functional as well, displaying information about their endorsees on one side and incorporating their actual products on the other. It features a stacked rack of EQ processors, mixers, pre-amps and more. This allowed buyers to be able to touch and interact with their products, which is a very important step in the purchase process. Make sure to include a tactile element in your booth experience. The goal is to make your product more accessible to NAMM attendees so encourage them to touch!

Assigning the Right Staff  

Choosing the right people to have on your team during The NAMM Show is very important. Colin chooses a mixture of both the internal team who are passionate and have an in-depth knowledge of the gear, but he also suggests hiring contractors who are talented in engaging with the audience and who can inform as many people as possible about giveaways and special events. They could hand out flyers, strike up conversations and attract buyers to come in closer to the booth where then an internal employee can take the conversation deeper from there.

If these contractors have done a good job, Colin definitely invites them back year after year. Consider hiring a few extra hands at the show who are trained in audience engagement. They don’t have to man the booth the entire time and you can get creative in your promotions to drive more traffic to your booth.

Have Fun!

“People can talk on chairs and microphones and that’s okay if they’re talking about something technical, but let’s face it, we’re here to have fun,” Colin added.

People are naturally attracted to those who are having a good time. The NAMM Show is all about establishing that work-life balance. For many buyers, it is just as important to establish business relationships and make deals as it is to absorb the exciting atmosphere, music performances and events. Be sure your exhibit illustrates this appreciation for the NAMM Show experience too.

Don’t miss out on the excitement at The 2018 NAMM Show!



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