Professional Development Sessions That You Cannot Miss at The NAMM Show

Elizabeth Dale

In June, The NAMM Show will once again be the premier destination for relevant and high-value professional development programs, all hosted throughout the NAMM Show campus.

Education has been synonymous with The NAMM Show for well over a century. Professionals and visionaries gather at the crossroads of the music product, pro audio and entertainment technology industries to share new, innovative ideas to aid industry professionals in business development. The educational options presented at The NAMM Show cover a range of topics – from best-in retail practices to event safety. Playback Blog is excited to highlight a small cross-section of these opportunities.

“Leadership in a Post-Pandemic World” In this post-COVID age of disruption, leaders face more challenges than ever before. In this must-attend NAMM U Breakfast Session, branding and relationship expert Scott Stratten returns to The NAMM Show to tackle what leadership looks like in this new world. Discover how to manage and thrive in this era with insights you won’t hear anywhere else. Stratten, who has worked with corporate giants Adobe, Microsoft, Pepsi, and Walmart, will show you how to create stronger team bonds, acknowledge what we’ve been through, determine where we go next, and build an environment where a multigenerational workforce thrives. He’ll also reveal the most important leadership trait going forward. Head to Hilton, Level 2, Pacific Ballroom on Saturday, June 4 at 8:30 am for this can’t miss opportunity.

“The Biggest Digital Marketing Trends and How to Use Them” Living in a limited-supply world has accelerated consumer disruption like no other time in history. What does this mean for the future of your business? What marketing shifts can all companies expect to see in the coming days, months, and years? And most of all, how do you benefit from these emerging trends? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this special NAMM Idea Center session from Larry Bailin, marketing expert and NAMM U Breakfast Session presenter alumni. He’ll share a future-focused look at what’s changed in digital marketing and how every business will want to rise to meet the post-pandemic consumer. Expect to explore new technology, buying trends, social commerce, AI, conversion using data, and more in this can’t-miss session on Saturday, June 4 at 11 am in the NAMM Idea Center (Anaheim Convention Center, Level 1, Lobby).

“The Top 5 Streaming Growth Tactics in 2022” If you are interested in growing your streams and cultivating a loyal fanbase on Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and the other digital service providers, this session is for you. Join Ari Herstand, author of How to Make It in the New Music Business, for an in-depth look at effective strategies, tactics, and tips. Herstand will discuss why everything you thought you knew about streaming is wrong; how to generate serious revenue through streaming; strategies to find your fans and convert them into monthly listeners; playlisting strategies that can yield a result; the art of avoiding playlisting scams; and organic traffic sources that few are tapping into. This is the can’t-miss session for indie artists, happening on Sunday, June 5 at 11 am at the NAMM Idea Center (Anaheim Convention Center, Level 1, Lobby).

TEC Tracks: “5 Trends in Studio Design” The session focuses on eternally viable, emerging designs and technical solutions developed for next-generation large-scale studios. Examples include Jungle City, GRAMMY-winning (Adele) producer Paul Epworth’s Church Studios in London and the recently completed Mix With the Masters mega-studio in Paris. Also discussed is Carter Burwell’s, The Body, a custom home studio designed to meet the requirements for creating film scores for movies ranging from Three Billboards to Raising Arizona and The Big Lebowski, and explores Miami-based Groovyland, a unique “e-studio prototype for the new era of compact, powerful, multi-purpose studios”. The presentation will also include insights into innovative, new software developed to resolve complex studio acoustic design challenges. All of this content is presented by WSDG Partner and Director of Business Development Sergio Molho and acclaimed “gear guru” PK Pandey, founder of GC Pro’s B2B division and owner of NAMM TEC Award-nominated Mad Oak Studios. Join us on Friday, June 3 at 5 pm in the Anaheim Convention Center, Level 3, Ballroom C.

TEC Tracks: “The Landscape for Releasing Music in 2022” There is immense opportunity for your music during the release process that hinges on proper planning, an opportunity that you can’t get back once your music is out. This, combined with the rapid evolution of the music industry and technology creates new ways for people to consume music. In this session, CD Baby’s Senior Vice President of engagement and education, Kevin Breuner, will talk through all the critical steps to ensure your new songs reach as many listeners as possible in an ever-changing environment. Mark your calendar for Saturday, June 4 at 3 pm at the Anaheim Convention Center, Level 3, Ballroom C.

TEC Tracks: “The Life of a Hit Song” Three of the music industry’s biggest hitmakers, Tony Brown, Bob Clearmountain, and Mark Needham, will discuss the evolution of songs that became hits. Brown is best known as a backing musician for Emmylou Harris and for his work as a producer for greats like Reba McEntire, Vince Gill, and George Strait, among others. He is a four-time GRAMMY® Award winner and has received four Academy of Country Music Awards, and is often considered the founder of the “Americana” country music movement. Clearmountain has worked alongside iconic acts like Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Toto, Bon Jovi, and Bryan Adams. He has been recognized with four GRAMMY Award nominations and took home a Latin Grammy Award in 2007 for “Best Male Pop Vocal Album” for his work on Ricky Martin’s MTV Unplugged. He has also earned an EMMY and won several TEC Awards. Needham's credits include projects with Fleetwood Mac, The Killers, Imagine Dragons, P!nk, O.A.R. Shakira, Elton John, and others. His three decades as an engineer and mixer allowed him the skillset to mix The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside” in an impressive 40 minutes. Needham has been nominated for 11 GRAMMY Awards and has significant contributions to four certified Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) platinum records. This dynamic session will answer the question, “What are the stages and the critical qualities necessary for a song to make it through the minefields to the top of the charts in 2022?” Don Miggs will moderate the panel on Friday, June 3, at noon in the Anaheim Convention Center, Level 3, Ballroom C.

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A3E: “The Next Generation of Rap and Hip-Hop: Harnessing Music Technology for Empowering Creativity” This panel of hip-hop creators, influencers, and their representatives will discuss the role of creators and technology in the digital economy and now Web3. Join panelists Mike Johns (Digital Mind State, Founder), Brijion Vuitton (Rapper/Producer/Actor), ARSN (Rapper/Producer), ZÜM The DJ (Celebrity DJ), and Big Bank Bandz (Rapper/CEO) as they answer, “What defines creativity and influence? How are creators, influencers, and technology shaping music and culture?” Set aside some time on Friday, June 3 at 2 pm and head to the Anaheim Convention Center, Level 2, Room 202A, for this innovative educational session.

A3E: “The Future of the DAW: How AI, Blockchain and the Cloud Will Change DAWs Forever” As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to infiltrate the studio, this session looks at how the DAW will be reshaped and redefined by AI and other futuristic and forward-thinking music-making tools. A group of artists, industry experts, and those building the future will discuss how AI, blockchain, cloud computing, and more can help unlock a new wave of creativity for future music makers. Join DJ Magazine digital tech editor/Ibiza editor Declan McGlynn; Never Before Head Sounds Co-Founder Yotam Mann; and Bandlab Technologies Senior Product Manager Maxime Stinnett on Friday, June 3 at noon in the Anaheim Convention Center, Level 2, Room 202A for this engaging session.

ESTA Curated Sessions: The NAMM Show is excited to partner with the Entertainment Services and Technology Alliance (ESTA) to offer a selection of carefully curated educational offerings to attendees. These dynamic sessions include, “OSHA 10: U.A.T.S.E.,” “Working at Height Safely,” “New Guidelines for M.E.W.P.s – the Lifts Formerly Known as AWPs,” “Electrify the Audience, Not the Stage,” “Portable Power Distribution for Video Production,” “Understanding Truss Loads, Outdoor Structures and Rigging Math,” and “Safety in Event Planning,” with more exciting opportunities being announced between now and the show. For session time and location, as well as the most up-to-date listings, please visit

ESA Sessions: The Event Safety Alliance (ESA) is returning to The NAMM Show to continue serving live event professionals. ESA is offering NAMM Show attendees unique opportunities to participate in education sessions including, “Who is the ESA, and Why Should We Care?,” “Show Stop: The One Agreement Everyone Must Agree On,” “Once Upon a Time in Mexico,” “Whose Job is Safety and What’s It Going to Cost Me?,” “The Largest Target: Reputation Risk Exposure – Can We Stay Out of the Headlines When Something Big Happens?,” “Entertainment Event Lase Considerations,” “Up From the Underground: Applying a Harm-Reduction Approach to Event Safety,” and “Managing Stress and the Industry’s Return From the Pandemic,” among others. For times, locations, and up-to-date session listings from ESA, please visit

To learn more about attending The NAMM Show, registering for badges, and the full schedule of events, please visit /thenammshow/2022/attend/thenammshow/2022/badges, and /thenammshow/2022/schedule.