PRS Announces Inaugural Class of ‘PRS Guitars Pulse Artist’ Program

Elizabeth Dale

Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Guitars launched its PRS Guitars Pulse Artist program in 2020 “to support PRS players around-the-world by highlighting PRS players who are making waves in their local music scene.” In December 2020, the program announced its freshman class of 84 artists and encouraged fans to follow along their creative, musical journeys.

The PRS Guitars Pulse Artist program utilizes PRS’s extensive dealer network to provide local access to some of the benefits of a PRS endorsement while also providing the opportunity for growth to an Official PRS Artist. To be considered for the program, candidates must possess intermediate to advanced guitar skills, an online presence with strong social media engagement, and utilize the PRS brand as their preferred instrument of choice.

Bev Fowler, Director of Artist Relations at PRS said, “There is so much undiscovered talent in the world of music, and PRS wanted to develop a program that helps to support the influential regional players while helping fans and musicians discover each other. The Pulse Program has already produced those types of connections, and we hope this new community of artists continues to connect and grow.”

With the first quarter of 2021 coming to an end, PRS took the opportunity to check in with its 2021 Pulse Artists as they continue to make music. Despite the hardships of the past year, especially for emerging artists who often depend on face-to-face interaction for performances and networking, the PRS Pulse artists have demonstrated an outstanding ability to adapt and push the boundaries to continue making music.

PRS Guitars Pulse Artist program highlights include new albums, EP, and singles from artists around the world:

Phillip Hamilton – Make Today Yours
Jatin Talukdar Project – Singles 2016-2017 (EP)
Scott Reeves –
This Is Logan
Radka Kasparcova – “Let Me Be”
Estereofunn (Andres Beirute) – “Jennifer del Estereo” (EP)
Pattrawut Muti – “Life Portrait”
Jimena Fosado – “Color Clouds”
Heleven (Enrique Martin, Higinio Ruiz, Álvaro Castilla) – Into the Oceans

Other notable recognitions from the inaugural class of artists include making waves in the media, nominations for awards, press exposure, and even publishing books:

John DeMena – Hollywood Music in Media Award nomination in the rock category for his track, “Eternal Eyes.”
Atkins Riot (Anthony Saturno) – Sammy Award for “Best Rock”
Carlos Garo – Cutaway magazine appearance
Tommasco Costa – Published Advanced Legato Concepts (
Jennale Adams – Interview with Guitar Girl Magazine
Jimena Fosado – Featured in Icon Vs. Icon and The Women’s International Music Network

Pulse Artists have also showcased their ability to embrace the growing presence of live streaming performances as a placeholder for live events. Recent notable live streams include Andrew Matthews’ February 27th appearance at the Northwest Talent Spotlight 9 (, and Sophia Gripari’s March 21st live stream concert. 

PRS Pulse Artist Sophia Gripari

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For more information about Pulse Artists and program guidelines, visit, and musicians interested in applying for the Class of 2022 are encouraged to subscribe to the PRS newsletter at for more information and updates.