SEO Expert to Help NAMM Members Improve their Digital Marketing Strategy

Elizabeth Dale

On Tuesday, November 30, NAMM U presents SEO expert Bill Sebald and “SEO Strategies to Rise to the Top of Google Searches” just in time to help drive website traffic for the holiday season.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is “the process of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic to a website from search engines.” As a component of successful marketing, SEO focuses on improving organic or unpaid traffic to a particular website through avenues like academic, image, news, video, and industry-specific search engines. As applied to an internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, algorithms that affect search engine behavior, what people search for, actual search terms or keywords used in search engines, and user-preferred search engines. SEO is a vital component of a marketing strategy because websites that engage in SEO best practices often receive more visits as their website ranks higher on the search engine results page, potentially converting these visitors to customers.

SEO Strategy - The One Hour Guide Pt. 1

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Bill Sebald is the founder and managing partner of Greenlane, a company “built to be an alternative to standard digital marketing agencies.” Sebald was first inspired to venture into the SEO world by his early search engine experiences in college, where he was amazed at the ability to find guitar tabs for any song. After this, he was hooked and continued to tinker within search engines until he found a small community of guerrilla marketers on a forum designed to exploit search engines. Sebald continued in the SEO industry and, in 1996, joined GSI Commerce in Philadelphia, where he assisted clients like the NFL, Petsmart, Toys ‘R’ Us, and many more. Since 2005 Sebald has offered his expertise under the name Greenlane, and in 2012, he officially launched the agency.

As an industry expert and musician, Sebald is a natural fit to present the latest NAMM U webinar, “SEO Strategies to Rise to the Top of Google Searches.” Not only will Sebald provide insight and expertise into creating a successful SEO strategy, including tips on ranking better on Goggle, but he will also open the floor to answer even the most challenging SEO questions. Sebald says, “Google can be the source of amazing traffic. It could explode your business overnights and turn you from a small shop to a major retailer. SEO may be a gamble and a lot of work, but from those who believe in the opportunity, it’s a journey that will change the way you look at digital marketing.”

To register for the upcoming webinar, please visit For more information from Greenlane and Sebald, visit and follow Sebald on Twitter @billsebald.