Talking Shop: The Music Retail Podcast

Elizabeth Dale

When Donovan Bankhead, President of Springfield Music, Inc., owner of Music Retail Consulting, and a favorite NAMM U Idea Center Presenter isn’t busy running his company, he can be found “talking shop” in his new podcast, The Music Retail Podcast (MRP).

  • The Music Retail Podcast

Speaking with leading music instrument retailers, the podcast is designed to tackle topics that are essential in the operation of music retail establishments, with varying perspectives from across the country – and the world. To date, MRP has released five episodes with guests include Tim Spicer of Spicer’s Music, Robert Christie of A&G Central Music, Lori Supinie who is the President of Senseney Music, Randy Shayler of Zeswitz Music, and Tristann Rieck from Brass Bell Music.

When asked about the need for a podcast like MRP Donovan stated, "Podcasts have become so popular that I realized that I listen to them daily, but I was disappointed that there weren’t more podcasts that focused on small and medium retailers. While the topics and interviews are all focused on music retail, I think retailers from all genres could learn something. What makes our industry so unique is that it has pieces of so many other industries: retail, services (lessons and repair), and rentals - it’s an amalgamation of public and institutional sales like other businesses outside of our industry.”

  • Donovan Bankhead: The Music Retail Podcast

While Donovan doesn’t want to give away too much, he encourages listeners to continue checking back in on the podcast as he is working on lining up some retail icons as special guests on upcoming episodes.

The Music Retail Podcast is updated regularly and is available wherever you listen to your podcasts including at