Showcase Gives Exhibitors Unique Pitch Opportunity

Be one of 16 exhibitors to pitch your products to future buyers and influencers, for free. 

If you are like most exhibitors, you are looking for every and any opportunity to get in front of buyers and build your brand among future buyers.

Believe it or not, some of the most influential buyers and largest purchases are made by music educators.

Music educators from schools, colleges, conservatories and universities, are largely responsible for determining which brands are selected when making large purchase orders for band and orchestra equipment. They are also influential in sharing their product knowledge with the future generation of music lovers and music industry professionals.

This is why so many big brands have a dedicated team to service this niche, yet profitable, music educator market. It is also why NAMM organizes its Music Educator Showcase.

A Win-win for Exhibitors and Music Educators

Music Educator Showcases allow exhibitors to introduce their brands to this unique audience, while helping music educators increase their product knowledge. We call this a win-win. Eric Ebel, the host and program manager for Music Educator Showcases explains, “Since launching Music Education Days at The NAMM Show over a decade ago, thousands of music educators and school administrators have asked us to help them identify products that they can use in their classrooms.”

Ebel continues, “The Music Educator Showcases allow our exhibitors a quick and easy way to present their products and services to this valuable group of ‘purchase influencers’. The response from our NAMM Exhibitors has been phenomenal.”

Minimal Commitment, Maximum Impact

Approximately 16 presenters are selected each year to give a five-minute pitch on their product and/or brand to the audience in a speed-dating-like environment, after which exhibitors will have a chance to meet and network with the music educator audience.
Often these music educators will use the products they learn about at the showcase in their classrooms as well as incorporate them into in their lectures and curriculum. Truly, brand influence in the education community has no limit.
As Dr. Cassandra Eisenreich of Nuvo Instrumental shares, “The Music Educator Showcases at The NAMM Show are a great way for exhibitors to network with current educators. Participating teachers are always excited to learn about new and innovative resources for their classrooms and often seek out more information after each presentation.”

“The NAMM Educator Showcases opened up a whole new world for me. I learned about resources that I didn't even realize existed,” marveled a music educator who attended last year.

“Also, being able to network directly with industry people gave me insight into their vision and allowed me to give my input as well,” she continued. “The showcases introduced me to ideas and products that will enhance my classroom and after school programs.”

By presenting, you are influencing the future of the music, sound and entertainment technology products industry and can make lifelong relationships that will help you build your business and connect you to the greater vision of creating more music makers and more market demand.

Educators can help you get your products into the hands of music students who are exploring career paths and searching for the latest tools to help them to create, teach, promote and collaborate.

Get In On The Action!

Music Educator Showcases are a FREE product pitch opportunity. There is no need to submit a presentation or script. Simply show up prepared to share the details of your product or brand and spend some time networking with educators and students following the showcases.

These talks are also recorded and will be posted online to, making your products discoverable year-round for the education community to find. Listen to last year’s recordings here.

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