If You Want to Win, It Starts by Placing a Bet

Remember that old joke about the man who pleads with God to win the lottery? Day after day he doesn’t win, which only increases his urgent cries until finally the clouds part and a booming voice says, “Can you at least meet me half way and buy a ticket?!”

As we look towards a brand-new year and all the opportunities that a fresh start brings, I’m reminded of the choices that each NAMM member must make on a daily basis. And with the accelerated pace of change, the decision on which bets to make can lead to some sleepless nights.

Risk is inherent in the choices we make, but in business, hedging our bets with calculated risk is critical to success. It’s human nature to look at successful businesses and think that it must have been easier for them or that they got a lucky break. The reality is, behind each of these success stories is someone who made a bet and took the chance to try something new. Many probably had to go long periods of time doubting their decisions and perhaps even experiencing the ridicule of others.

How willing are you to take some risks in 2018? If you seek better results from your business, what will you change? New product lines? Expanded services? Remodeled stores and websites? Or perhaps a new hire or two? With so many possibilities and questions, where can you look for answers?

In my opinion, The NAMM Show is the number one place any industry member can go to truly get a sense of clarity and direction. When planning a successful strategy, it is critically important to gather all the information you can to make wise decisions. While not trying to be overly dramatic, I imagine many NAMM members feel like they are “betting the farm” with each new move.

The key areas where The NAMM Show can help you grow your business include: expanding your product selection, improving your skills with continuing education and connecting you to the passion and camaraderie that gets us all through the tough times.

So now we are just weeks away from The 2018 NAMM Show. The trade show team is ready to load in, the educational sessions are scheduled, the exhibitors have worked all year to create new products that your customers will want to use, the Anaheim community is geared up for the influx of NAMM members and their guests, and the best and brightest members in the industry are already booked to attend.

Remember, taking risks is an essential part of being an entrepreneur and has been at the root of every innovation and advancement in history. If you’re still unsure about how a trip to NAMM might benefit you and your business, yet you earnestly desire to be successful in the year ahead, then may I suggest following the guidance from above and buy a ticket? (Actually, they’re free for NAMM members!)

We look forward to seeing you next month in Anaheim. On behalf of the NAMM Board and staff here in Carlsbad, we wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday season.

Joe Lamond, NAMM President and CEO





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