Many Stories, One Vision

Dan Del Fiorentino, Music Historian

Our global music industry is a vast ecosystem of manufacturers, retailers, educators and music, sound and event technology professionals. And your association is at the Crossroads of it all, uniting these communities around our shared vision of a more musical world.

As a vitally important part of our Vision, Mission and Objectives, the NAMM Oral History program is dedicated to preserving the stories of our industry. Now encompassing over 3,000 interviews, conducted over the past 17 years, it has become the world’s largest video repository of industry knowledge and lore, told by those who were really there. Their stories will entertain and inspire and perhaps most of all, humanize the decisions, large and small, that have shaped the industry we know today.

We invite you to listen and enjoy these personal histories for yourself. They include your friends and peers alongside industry icons who have all left their mark and will now be forever remembered for generations to come. The collection can be found in the Library section of It is an ever-expanding archive, quickly becoming as vast as the industry itself.

You can view our latest interviews and engage in our newest form of content, The Music History Project. This exciting new project is a podcast utilizing the Oral History interviews to examine innovative creations, the evolution of musical instruments, and the changing world of music retail, music industry icons, pro audio and sound production leaders, along with innovators in event technology. All of this content can be conveniently found on, iTunes or SoundCloud. New episodes of The Music History Project are released every other Thursday.

This NAMM Oral History collection continues to grow because of great members like you. Simply drop us an email at and tell us who you think we should interview next.

In January, as we gather as a global community to conduct business, network, share and grow, we also pay tribute to those we’ve lost; a fitting farewell to dear friends, many who were with us at last year’s show. The Tribute is Thursday evening at 5:30 pm on the Grand Plaza. Please come and share in this special gathering of family and friends.

Thank you for your enthusiastic support of NAMM and the Oral History Program. We truly believe we are all part of one big musical family and we look forward to seeing you at The NAMM Show where our collective family story will continue to grow.

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