NAMM Member Helps Live Music Professionals Return to Work

Elizabeth Dale

Since 2014, Gig Gear and its founder, Danny Shatzkes, have focused “on providing professionals in gigging and touring, live event and production, theater, and film and grip industries as well as musicians, DJ’s, roadies, pro audio techs, A/V techs, and all other gigging professionals” with quality products and solutions. Despite the year-long hiatus of live events due to the pandemic, the NAMM Member has launched the #stageacomeback campaign and is committed to helping professionals return to their craft.

The Brooklyn, New York manufacturer, offers an array of specialized products for professionals “that make the jobs of industry professionals easier, safer, more efficient, and more enjoyable.” The product that launched the company in 2014 was its Gig Gloves, which protect the hands properly while on the job. The quality of the Gig Gloves has cemented Gig Gear’s reputation as an industry leader and while the product lines have grown to include additional models of gloves, a video conferencing privacy screen, and a tablet chest rig, the Gig Gloves remain a staple for professionals.

Gig Gear is acknowledging the challenging year that live music professionals have had since the onset of COVID-19. As a result, the manufacturer has announced its #StageaComeback promotion through the end of June. The campaign invites industry professionals to register to receive a pair of the Original Gig Gloves or the all-black Gig Gloves Onyx, just covering the cost of shipping and handling. Gig Gear asks that individuals verify their status by completing a short questionnaire and submitting a photo of themselves working a gig. Recipients are requested to showcase their new gloves by using #StageAComeback on their social media platforms.

Daniel Shatzkes, Founder and CEO of Gig Gear, said, “Conversations and online interaction with our customers made it very clear how difficult things were out there during the lockdown. As it seemed like things might open back up this summer, we knew we had to do something to help the industry and show that there is reason to be optimistic. So we decided that we would provide a free pair of our Gig Gloves to anybody working in the industry to keep them safe as they get back out there.”

Shatzkes and his business partner, Evan Grazi, were so committed to the initiative that they went from campaign conception to launch within two months. At the time of publication, Gig Gear has already fulfilled hundreds of orders and encourages all eligible interested parties to continue registering for their gloves through the end of June.

Gig Gear and Shatzkes encourage all NAMM Members and industry stakeholders to utilize #StageaComeback on social media to help bring awareness to the necessity of our industry. For more information on the #StageaComeback campaign and Gig Gear, please visit and