Ep. 46: Piper Payne, Piper Payne: Forging the Future of Audio with Vinyl Pressing, Mastering, and Plug-In Design

What do running a mastering business and vinyl pressing plant have in common? Audiophiles and business/product nerds alike will be fascinated as Piper Payne, Owner, Operator, and Chief Record Maker at Physical Music Products (PMP) and Chief Mastering Engineer at Neato Mastering, teaches Natalie and Steph what she's learned on her path of fearless dedication to pushing the boundaries of audio recording and product production.


The team digs into how exactly one presses vinyl and some of Piper's more unique spins on the process, discusses the importance of getting your start in the right place for YOU, and what model trains have in common with all this.

Learn about Physical Music Products

Learn about Neato Mastering

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This podcast is co-produced and edited by Natalie Morrison, Stephanie Lamond, and Julia Olsen with music by Lucky Lamond. A special thanks to AKG who are sponsors of this podcast.