Ep. 52 Shira Yevin

ReVoicing Your Head with Shira Yevin of Gritty in Pink

Join Natalie and Steph for a belly-laugh-inducing, enlightening, authentic conversation with Shira Yevin of Gritty in Pink. We trace Shira's activism from her famous crashing of the Warped Tour and starting the women's stage to the creation of Gritty in Pink and their most recent project, the INPINK marketplace, all while recording and touring with her band, Shiragirl. Shira has a lot to teach us all about the power of who we surround ourselves with and of being fearless in taking up space as a woman; thank you, Shira!

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This episode was co-produced and edited by Natalie Morrison, Stephanie Lamond and Julia Olsen.

Music by: Lucky Lamond