Ep. 48 Your Career as a Ladder

Recapping our NAMM 2023 Session and Preview of 2024

In preparation for ReVoicing the Future's session at NAMM 2024, the team gets together to recap the previous years, where we challenged attendees to look inward to the ladders of our careers, to examine what we’re climbing, how we climb them, and to ensure that they’re the most authentic paths for us.

Once we know our foundations are secure, the next step is to look up to those around us. So this year, we’re focusing on building community! Finding your people is the key to a sustainable career as a woman in music, and the best way to prepare for this interactive session, and the NAMM Show overall, is to know who you need to be looking for. Listen in for a refresher and join us on Friday, January 26 at 11 am in the Member Center to put it all into practice.

NAMM Show Events:

Thursday, January 25: Women of NAMM First-Time Attendee Meet-Up
10 am - 10:30 am | RM 204B

Friday, January 26: ReVoicing the Future: Creating Sustainable Careers Through Community
11 am - 12 pm  | NAMM Member Center

Friday, January 26: Women of NAMM Presents: Empowering the Rise & Growth of Female Leaders in our Industry
6:30 pm - 8 pm | RM: Hilton Pacific Ballroom AB

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This episode was co-produced and edited by Natalie Morrison, Stephanie Lamond and Julia Olsen.