Antelope Audio Provides Critical Gear to Abbey Road Institute

Elizabeth Dale

In October, NAMM Member Antelope Audio announced a new partnership with Abbey Road Institute, providing education to music production students through “intensive, focused, and hands-on training combined with access to top-tier equipment.”

Antelope Audio was founded in 2005 by Igor Levin, who desired to take audio recording to the next level by providing “digital technology that transcends all expectations.” The NAMM member is dedicated to “helping people achieve high-definition sound both in the recording studio and home environment” and harnesses more than 25 years of experience in digital audio, clocking, and analog circuit development. Antelope Audio was the first to adopt the use of Atomic clock generators in Audio Master Clocks, and today it implements pro audio technologies in a product line of D/A converters for both audiophiles and professionals.

The partnership between Antelope Audio and Abbey Road Institute blossomed due to the Institute’s success in its flagship school in London. This location has been utilizing Antelope Audio’s Orion32 HD for many years and found it was the right product to achieve its goals. So, when the Institute’s team began planning the move and expansion into the historical Angel Studios in North London, it leaned on the trusted products of Antelope Audio to form the partnership.

Working collaboratively to find the best line of products, Antelope Studio’s and the Abbey Road Institute settled on the manufacturer’s Galaxy 32 Synergy Core range of interfaces.

Nik Georgiev, Antelope Audio’s UK Sales Manager, spoke on what made the Galaxy 32 Synergy Core the best choice for the studio. He shared, “Connecting the large studio complex and different parts of the building using old-school analog copper cables was too costly and impractical. Utilizing Dante, we completed the job over the existing network cable system and transferred reliable audio from any point in the building. The project also required many channels to work with, especially in the orchestral studio, where engineers may use over 80 microphones simultaneously. We connected together a Galaxy 32 and a Galaxy 64 interface for up to 96 channels of recording inputs and outputs. The Galaxy units allow seamless integration with more than one computer simultaneously. This workflow is specifically useful for orchestral recording, where the engineers often use a dedicated playback computer to record with another. Finally, when it comes to Atmos, the speaker management software within the device can save greatly on investment that would otherwise have to be spent on a hardware monitor controller. All these functions are packed in the Galaxy, making it the perfect match for Angel Studios and the Institute.”

Inside Angel Studios - Abbey Road Institute's Brand-New London Home

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The partnership yields a high caliber, hands-on, practical educational approach focusing on various topics, from traditional recording techniques to top-tier technological advancements. For Antelope, this rigorous and cutting-edge training program is vital, and the success of the students and graduates speaks to the quality of the provision. In 2022, a student at the London campus received a GRAMMY® nomination for Best R&B Album, and another hit the top of the Billboard charts as a Gold certified producer. Perhaps even more astounding is that the students earned these achievements while still studying at the institute.

Emiliana Marinova, Antelope Audio's Marketing Manager said, “At Abbey Road Institute, students are taught by highly experienced professionals who are keen to share what they’ve learned through the years. It is also how we connect to the future professionals in our industry. As a pro audio manufacturer, we must understand the needs and workflow of those who will buy our gear today, but we should also look into the future and stay current. Abbey Road Institute students will define those needs and tomorrow's workflows. The most challenging yet exciting aspect of our field is the rapid evolution of technology. It takes adaptability to stay on the cutting edge. This is as true for the individual as it is for an entire company.”

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