NAMM Member Morley® Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Elizabeth Dale

At the close of 2018, it was predicted that 2019 was going to be a milestone year for the music products industry. Some short 50 years earlier music was once again redefined in the dairy fields of New York during a little event you may have heard of, Woodstock. One NAMM Member company celebrating the massive achievement of thriving over the last 50 years is Morley.

  • Morley 50th Anniversary

Morley was founded in 1969 by brothers, Marv and Ray Lublow in Southern California. First going by the brand name Tel-Ray Electronics, Morley later changed its name as a “play on the name Leslie/Morley (Less/More).” Prior to starting Morley, the Lublow brothers were running a TV/radio repair business, and it was Ray who became fascinated by the Leslie speaker and was able to create a compact version of this iconic system.

Once transformed into Morley®, the company focused on guitar effects pedals and effects devices. Catering to legends like Al Di Meola, Bootsy Collins, Adam Levine, and Brian Setzer - many of which have been interviewed as part of the NAMM Oral History Collection and can be found at

Bill Wenzloff, the sales and marketing manager for Morley sat down with the NAMM Oral History team at The 2019 NAMM Show to discuss the legacy of Morley. During his NAMM Oral History interview, Bill provided an in-depth review of the company’s history and outlined the development of its product line and signature pedals, many of which Bill had a hand in developing and promoting. Please view a segment from his interview below.

Bill Wenzloff

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Congratulations to Morley on a successful 50 years of creating a more musical world.