Guerilla Tactics Series: Guerilla Marketing on a Chimp's Budget (NAMM Show 2011 Idea Center Session)

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<p><em>Presented by Cris Behrens, Summerhays Music</em></p> <div>Want to learn how to get &ldquo;gorilla-sized&rdquo; sales results from a marketing budget that is too small to feed a chimpanzee? Want to learn how to quickly grab some easy sales dollars without spending money? Then you want to learn how to use Guerilla Marketing techniques in your music store.&nbsp;So, stop &ldquo;monkeying around&rdquo; and get a peek at this session!&nbsp; Learn how Cris Behrens, of Summerhays Music, uses cross-promotions, &ldquo;Facebook Fridays&rdquo; and print ads to keep the cash register ringing.</div>